Review Process/Policies

I accept books in either e-book or print format, e-books sent to my email addy fcoleman76 @ gmail . com in form of  PDF or Smashwords coupon/code. ( NON DRM EPUB is ok)
Print books to be mailed to my home addy (email me for that info please)

YA/Adult books that are  supernatural, horror, romantic, teen fiction, chick lit, teen angst, fiction, utopian/dystopian societies (Hunger Games is a good example of this genre), apocalyptic/post apocalyptic based (think virus turns humans into flesh eating zombies and then some). Basically anything that goes bump in the night, makes you want to cry, laugh, cheer, feel sad, etc. I am NOT limited to these genres, they are the ones I naturally gravitate to the most when buying books/selecting books. A good historical romance, biography, auto-biography, top 10 book list fiction, etc. has been known to make me stand up and shout its praises to the world.

When I receive a book it  most likely will NOT be the next on my list to read & review.. IF you have deadline in mind as to when you would like the review to be posted PLEASE let me know so I can shuffle & accommodate. If it is an ARC I will post my review right before the book is released (no more than 1 week before public release). Normally a review will be posted in 2-4 weeks, sometimes less. It depends upon my TBR pile, work schedule, life in general.

I cannot guarantee every book to have a review published for it. There are times when a book is not right for me or the blog. I may post a review for it in the future however.
 If it is not a book I personally liked I will not post a  review with negative comments. I will post a summary of the book, link to buy it, etc. I know my opinion is only one of many and others may enjoy it so I will not deny them knowledge of where to get the book for themselves.

Interviews, giveaways, guest posts, to accompany the review: I love these extra's & am more than happy to go the extra mile for you and your fans. We will work out the details together.

Until further notice I use a star system to grade the books. 1-4 stars.

These rules and policies may change at any time without notice~ Thank you.

I accept books for free & honest reviews. Me accepting a book does not mean I will post a positive review for it.
I do not receive money or goods for my reviews.


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