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TWILIGHT: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Stephenie Meyer, art and adaptation by Young Kim

When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With his porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice, and supernatural gifts, Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable. Up until now, he has managed to keep his true identity hidden, but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret…
Beautifully rendered, this first installment of Twilight: The Graphic Novel is a must-have for any collector’s library.
Text copyright © 2010 by Stephenie Meyer, Illustrations © Hachette Book Group, Inc.

Title: Vampire General:Intern With The Vampire
Author: Kit Iwasaki
Published April 2011
1889.CA- The Future of Fiction

Human medicine is easy. On her first day at Grace General Hospital, new intern Aline Harman risks vampire infection, vivisection, and having her heart torn out of her chest… and this from her colleagues.Juggling transhuman politics only becomes more difficult when a patient’s life is at stake. With a zombie to resuscitate and a mermaid in critical care, Aline has her hands full. At least the doctors are good-looking...

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Interestingly enough I found this book quite by accident. I was in Twitter last week & saw a tweet encouraging me to "click this link & sign up to win a new KINDLE". I did (even though I usually NEVER do for fear of spam & hackers) & was greeted by a website I had never seen before, one that hosts new up and coming authors and their fabulous books. 

The book opens with our main character " Aline Harman" a 2nd year Intern at "Weston County Hospital" having some much needed "romantic time" with her "boyfriend" "Tim Fenway" another Doctor at the same hospital. The night was  typical of any other in their E.R., very busy & bloody. UNTIL "Clive Parks" flipped his SUV and was delivered to her E.R. Followed by Clive was another man, "Dr.William Rocque" of  "Grace General Hospital".

 The passenger in Clive's SUV. William's injuries paled in comparison to Clive's. While Aline was INSISTING  William (Dr.Rocque) get a CT Scan Clive died. This is where it got verry interesting. After going against her better judgement she assisted Dr.Rocque in saving his once dead now alive again patient by injecting adrenaline into his heart.
 For reasons unknown, this and a mysterious green liquid injected directly into Clive's artery saved him.
 Clive's "stats" dropped to zero again, making him "technically dead" again, she frantically tried to revive him. Not realizing this ("death") was in fact the desired outcome sought by Dr.Rocque.
Caught by her Hospital's "Powers that Be" she was fired for negligence and basically screwing up. On her way out hoping to get some TLC from her "boyfriend" Tim Fenway she was "fired" again, from their relationship.

 While at home while crying into a container of freezer burnt ice cream she receives a visitor, the enigmatic Dr.William Rocque. After venting on him about how he ruined her life, he offers her a job. At his hospital, Grace General. Tossing on a coat she follows him to her new job. Before entering the door he warns her to "keep her mouth shut".

 "She saw flashes of fur, blood and scales, teeth longer and sharper than a lions, and the sounds of so many kinds of pain she couldn't register it all" . Aline quickly realized the world was a very different place than she ever imagined it to be and wondered what did she get herself into.

 The story continues with Aline doctoring her first "Transhuman" patient. An 18 year old female Mermaid with a mangled tail, lacerations, mysterious bleeding, a sister wracked with guilt, and an old fashioned and archaic father. She saves her patient and is on a high.
 Despite being a Mermaid, the injuries and family issues were nearly identical to those of "normal" humans.

  In this different world everyone and everything was not as easy to deal with as she assumed it would be however. Dr.Rocque has a past everyone seems to know about, except Aline that is. Co-Workers offer different threats and have issues different than the human ones she had been dealing with at her old hospital. Patients have different needs too.

 Not only that, she has to pretend she is a vampire and NEVER allow anyone to know of her true human identity. Franklin Devardy an old vampire in for a blood transfusion lets Aline know he knows of her human identity.  A secret he is willing to keep. For now.

Some Doctors do not take kindly to the new "vamp" on the block as demonstrated by Dr.Arlington, a brilliant Doctor and a Black Widow. Her obvious scorn and contempt for Aline shines through in every word and look. BUT there is waaay more to Dr.Arlington than meets the eye. Her character obviously has a fascinating history. 

One the reader cannot WAIT to discover.

Dr.Scott the resident heart breaker "educates" our Aline on how vampire pheromones work as he guides her through a procedure on a patient that leaves her quite breathless and flushed in the end.

 Aline gets an in depth education on zombies and why what happened at her old job was necessary to save Clive Parkers brain from turning to "moosh". She is the driving force in saving Clive when a problem arises. She took one look at his human wife and children and saw not the zombie or monster of movies and horror tales but a man with a family fighting to survive against all odds.

 Throughout her roller coaster ride of a first day, on a new job, Aline saw,heard, and felt many things that technically were not supposed to be. It seemed all was not lost as she quickly made a new friend, a fellow Doctor at the hospital named Cassie Lam. As the day ended Aline and Cassie walked out together sharing small talk and Aline was beginning to feel all was well with her world until Cassie looked at Aline and screamed a blood curdling scream...

This CLIFF HANGER made me scream in frustrated delight. I know book 2, the continuation is soon to be BUT the waiting will be sooo agonizing! This book was fast paced. It kept me enthralled page after page. The characters were varied and fascinating. Each one drew you in. You wanted to learn more about them as individuals.

 I loved it because it was not your stereotypical, cookie cutter, vamp story (THANK GAWD) I have come to loathe and avoid. It truly has a bit of something for everyone. A perfect story for new comers to the genre too. My ONLY complaint (if it's even that) was diet. Someone else pointed this out and it made me think about it too. Aline, a supposed vampire, was eating salad in the cafeteria. I am curious to learn more about the vampires and how they come to be, their diets, their living habits, etc. I am also interested in learning more about the resident Black Widow Dr.Arlington. The vampires Dr.Scott and of course Dr.Rocque too. I can't wait to meet more patients and see how the author combines medical emergencies/diseases/illness's and the transhuman patient. 

In all I have to say one a scale of 1-5 I'd give this book a 4 1/2. It was not long enough for my taste. But that's a personal preference on my part. Do not despair friends part 2 of this fab story hits the site next month! Leave your comments/reviews below. Let the author and everyone else know why you loved or did not love this book. 

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