Sunday, August 21, 2011


The most awesome HOW TO blog for designing our blogs EVER!

Site to create FREE AWESOME SIGNATURES for your blog

As I was exploring  my new FAVE site Blog-a-Holic Social Network ( a serious MUST for all blog savvy gurls & guys) I found all of these "How To's" & I was in blogger "How To Heaven" !  I have always wanted to learn how to make a scrolling marquee & low and behold I found all I needed and more!

I made the "at the end of your post siggy" first because it is easier and quick.
Using the link above you follow step by easy step to create your own fab siggy.
Of course for a small fee there are a ton of fabulous, creative, designers that will seriously hook your siggy up.
This is a quick, nice, easy, fix for a siggy on the spot. You can use it to hold you over until your specialized siggy arrives or keep this as long as you like.

I followed a total of 6 steps & then generated the HTML for my blog & what you see below is what I created :)

There are different sizes, fonts, slants, colors, etc. Explore a bit, play around, and you will find something that fits your unique style and vision for your siggy.

Be sure to check out my 1st link SNEAKY MOMMA BLOG DESIGNS BLOG for more fabulous tips and ideas..

BELOW: Both siggys I made using the link(s) above..What do ya think?


  1. Awesome! I am going to have to check this out. My blog looks so bland compared to other's these days.

  2. Thanks for passing on this helpful tip.

  3. I used SNEAKY MOMMAS directions for my scrolling blog button marquee too! I am sooo happy. It took me a bit to get it all togehter cuz I had to center a lot of the buttons but it was worth it. ALL the buttons tend to take up space in the sidebars now i can add more and keep it compact/neat :) I wanna see both of your signatures. I am stoppin by soon :)


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