Saturday, June 25, 2011


Breaking Dawn

The fourth and final chapter of Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT series is sure to please readers.

Bella has a tough decision ahead of her: eternal life or death. Should she live forever with the love of her life, her fiancé and vampire Edward Cullen? Or should she choose life -- and maybe her best friend who is completely in love with her, Jacob Black -- and face death that will eventually come?

That is the big decision that Bella faces, but of course the road down the path to the outcome isn't easy. Many events happen that alter Bella's life forever, leaving both the reader and Bella dazed.

BREAKING DAWN ends the series very nicely. Throughout its seven-hundred pages, the reader is engrossed in the drama and action-packed tale of an ordinary girl in a pseudo-ordinary world. The reader should be cautioned that fits of increased heart rate and frustration might raise the desire to hurl the book across the room while reading this last installment of the very popular series.

While some could argue that there is simply too much "drama" --the book is nevertheless entertaining and delightful. (TEENSREADTOO)


  1. I love the movies, but aren't sold on the books..but I keep reading them. I can't wait to see/read how it all finally ends. I love your blog. I just started a YA blog and it needs friends..check it out

  2. Thank you so much for sending me the link. It only took a couple of minutes to set up my button. Grab it when you can.

  3. Hey! have you read the Night World series? It's about Vamps...I haven't been following your blog long and so I'm not sure if you've done a review for it :)


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